The 2023 Geopath Annual Forecast is Here!

The 2023 Geopath Annual Forecast is Here!

We’ve excited to announce the official launch of the Geopath 2023 Annual Forecast!

As you probably know by now, this year’s forecast includes impression data for all audited inventory and, for the first time in the current generation of measurement, transit station and scheduled fleet media – all with reach and frequency metrics generated by our new and enhanced model.

The Geopath team has worked tirelessly to prepare the forecast, ensure the data is of the highest accuracy and precision, and prepare all members to begin transacting confidently using the new datasets.

As a reminder, while the forecast becomes official today, members have until April 3rd to implement the new metrics into their proprietary platforms and systems, at which point the 2023 forecast becomes Geopath’s official transactional dataset for the OOH industry.

We are sure that you will have additional questions after engaging with the new data over the next few days. To that end, Geopath will host another webinar on March 7th to address member questions and respond to any issues. Registration can be found below.

Additionally, answers to many questions can found in the FAQs, video tutorials, user guides, and one-pagers, which are available to all Geopath members via the GeekOUT Library. There, you may download the complete 2023 Release Readiness Kit.

We want to thank you, our members, for your continued support throughout this process. We truly believe the launch of this year’s forecast marks a significant step in elevating the value of Out of Home media and our industry as a whole.