Geopath Announcements | Looking Ahead

Geopath Announcements | Looking Ahead
Our Executive Committee is currently working to ensure a seamless leadership transition. For more than 85 years, Geopath has provided its members with critical tools to analyze audience location and measure consumer engagement. Geopath remains committed to collaborating with our tripartite membership that includes advertisers, agencies, and media operators. As always, we seek guidance and ...

Geopath Member Spotlight: Swiftmile
A conversation with Joel Martin, Vice President of DOOH at Swiftmile

Geopath Member Spotlight: Swiftmile <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>A conversation with Joel Martin, Vice President of DOOH at Swiftmile</span>
Worlds colliding   How did you join Swiftmile? For me, Swiftmile is 20 years of industry experience converging. I started my career in transportation. In college, I happened to meet the international export manager for an Italian bicycle and moped manufacturer called Malaguti, which had been in business since 1930. I started as an intern ...