The Top OOH Advertisers — Quiz
GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday

The Top OOH Advertisers — Quiz <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday</span>

As we prepare for the reopening of markets throughout the country, Geopath is working diligently to provide as much data as possible to support the OOH industry and our members. By utilizing some of the resources available to the Geopath team, we were able to compile a report analyzing the top ten OOH spenders in each of the top DMAs around the country.


This data is sourced from Kantar and covers the OOH ad spend that has occurred from January to March of 2020.  These three months show some interesting insights for advertisers spending in OOH, and we hope to see more companies compete to be top ten OOH spenders in their markets when things begin to normalize.


However, we also wanted to provide some fun trivia to those reading this on OOH Today as well! See below for three quick questions, and find the answers at the end of this post to see how you did.

  1. As the report covers close to 100 DMAs around the country, let’s start off with a basic question; “Which advertiser spends the most in OOH nationwide, appearing on the top ten OOH advertiser list in almost every DMA?”
  1. American Express
  2. HBO
  3. Geico


  1. Which digital company is ranked within the top three OOH advertisers nationwide?
  1. Amazon
  2. Facebook
  3. Google


  1. For the final question, let’s make it a bit harder, and focus on a specific DMA. Within the Cincinnati DMA, which category has the most representation within the top five OOH advertisers?
  1. Insurance
  2. Wireless Provider
  3. Banking


Now let’s see how if you answered correctly (No cheating if you didn’t choose your answers yet!)


Question 1, the correct answer for the advertiser that spends the most in OOH nationwide is C) Geico

Question 2, the digital company that spends the most in OOH is B) Facebook

Question 3, the category with the most representation in the top five in Cincinnati is A) Insurance


We hope you enjoyed our quiz!


The full report is posted within the Geopath GeekOUT Library, and can be accessed by clicking here with current Geopath credentials. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you need your credentials reset, or if you have any questions!