OOH – I’m Lovin’ It
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OOH – I’m Lovin’ It <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>geekOUT Fast Facts Friday</span>

It’s safe to say McDonald’s utilizes OOH in some of the best ways possible. Great eye-catching visuals and creative campaigns make sure passersbys take note of the fast food chain’s advertisements. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, yet they once again made headlines last month with a very subtle, but effective campaign that had people thinking (and looking) twice.



Had to do a double take after seeing this Ad? We did too. An eye-catching and creative use of OOH, to say the least.


McDonald’s continues to be a heavy advocate of OOH. Based on national data pulled from Kantar, they lead the QSR industry in OOH advertising spend.

The top OOH spenders nationally in the QSR industry were as follows, respectively:

  1. McDonald’s Restaurant
  2. Subway Restaurant
  3. Chick-Fila-A Restaurant
  4. Jersey Mikes Sub Shop
  5. Panera Bread Bakery Café


In fact, over the past two years, McDonald’s has invested more in OOH than the other top 4 QSR advertisers combined!


These OOH advertising dollars seem to be working. According to Simmons, almost 3 in 4 of those who have visited a McDonald’s in the past 30 days have noticed an OOH advertisement over this same period – 6% more likely to than the total population (74%, Index 106)!


Targeting McDonald’s Customers with OOH

When it comes to targeting McDonald’s customers in OOH campaigns, Geopath can help; whether you are an operator, agency, or media buyer. By utilizing Geopath Insights, we can help target specific audiences of the many various streaming services, and the OOH units that reach them the best.


According to Geopath Insights, the roadside inventory we measure accounts for 31 billion impressions among those who have eaten at McDonald’s in the past 30 days!


Want to more specifically target the McDonald’s consumers, based on the time they visit the restaurant? We have additional QSR audiences as well, based on the time people visit a restaurant. The roadside inventory we measure generates 13 billion impressions among those who have eaten at McDonald’s for breakfast, 17 Billion impressions for those who visited for lunch, and 11 Billion impressions for those who went for dinner during a 30 day period!


Make sure to check out the Geopath Insights Suite to explore more McDonald’s / QSR Audiences!