5 Great Tweets of OOH Ads – Showcasing the Power of the Medium
GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday

5 Great Tweets of OOH Ads – Showcasing the Power of the Medium <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday</span>
For this week’s Geopath GeekOUT Fast Fact, we decided to highlight 5 great examples from this month of how OOH and social are two great tastes that taste great together.

#1 – Times Square OOH

Want to gain publicity, more fans, or just showcase an upcoming record release? Almost every week, a variety of artists and performers choose to advertise their projects or shows on the OOH in Times Square, and for good reason. These advertisements are quite possibly the most iconic OOH in the country, and it’s not just noticed by tourists visiting the “Big Apple” for the first time. Campaigns here have a habit of going viral on Social Media, and those extra impressions are always great.


#2 – Wedding Season or Spooky Season?

This ad is boo-tiful, and really lifts your spirits! Contrary to his skeleton persona, he really had a lot of guts to put his proposal up on a billboard (I’m so sorry for those puns). Let’s just hope this advertisement was all treat and no trick. (Now I’m done I promise)


#3 – Was that my son?

There’s probably not much that’s more exciting, and maybe confusing, than passing a giant advertising bulletin with your son on it. Obviously, you have no choice to pull over and make sure to capture that moment!


#4 – Spotify Billboard in Nashville


What better way to let your fans know of your recent album than announcing it right in the heart of “Music City, U.S.A.?”


Yeah, we can’t think of a better way either.


#5 – Proud to show off your work

Have a great design in your mind, but can’t think of the best way to reach and engage with as many people as possible? OOH provides a perfect advertising medium to reach your audience as they go about their day, undistracted as they walk or drive outside their home.


Oh, it also probably feels great to see your work supersized looking over the roadway. Definitely a great reason to stop for a quick picture.


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