The BIG Picture Sponsorship Opportunities

25. March 2016 Uncategorized 0

“What can I help you with?”

– Siri, aka Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri on the iPhone, is booked to help us handle speaker introductions and make conference announcements throughout The BIG Picture general sessions. That’s right, original Siri will be ‘in the house.’

And that’s not all …

For 2016, TAB/OAAA introduces a new way to have fun, make the conference a little greener, and turn lead generation into an engaging experience for all… with just a touch. The BIG Picture attendees get a personalized Spark (a product developed by — attached to the lanyard/badge — that exchanges information by simply touching another Spark.

Spark_1 (2)

Or use it to touch an exhibitor Touchpoint, and electronically collect all of their digitized information. The exhibitor receives solid contact information from a potential customer. More Spark and Touchpoint details are coming next week.


In the meantime, there’s time to get in on the sponsorship opportunities associated with the use of these devices.

1) The Spark — Your logo is printed on one side of the Spark and the conference logo is printed on the other side. Every attendee gets a Spark attached to the lanyard/badge so they are prominent and made easy to use. This highly visible opportunity is a Gold level sponsorship.

2) The mobile app — – This sponsorship puts your logo in line with the full conference agenda, speaker pictures and bios, attendee and exhibitor listings, and all the information that conference goers return to again and again. Become a Silver level sponsor.

3) The online portal — – This sponsorship puts your logo in line with attendee Spark and Touchpoint accounts. This is where contacts, documents and other digital information are collected and stored. Your logo on the portal banner is a Silver level sponsorship.

4) The BIG Game – Be part of the BIG fun as attendee teams navigate a series of three tasks to win the BIG team prize(s). There’s also a prize for the individual point leader and your logo will be featured on the leaderboard – where everyone goes to see how close their team is to winning BIG! This is a Bronze level sponsorship.

TAB/OAAA can package a combination, or you can sponsor all four of these unique and valuable branding opportunities. Don’t miss out!

Each sponsorship comes with an ad or logo/acknowledgement in the program guide, a thank you from the main stage voiced by Siri, and logo identification on the conference website. Contact Larry Hennessy at [email protected] for more details.

Additional sponsorship opportunities include:

* Opening Night Reception in the Expo
Contact Larry Hennessy for pricing

* Lunch in the Expo
This includes a 30-minute meet and greet with Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri on the iPhone
Gold level sponsorship- $7000

* Registration Hospitality
Light refreshment for attendees as they register for the conference
Every attendee has to register
Silver level sponsorship- $6000

* Breakfast in the Exp
Tuesday and Wednesday
Silver level sponsorship- $5000 each