Integration into models – The TAB is here to help!

Claire-Marie Panno of Posterscope penned an opinion piece on LinkedIn, highlighting a recent study conducted by BrandScience.  This study demonstrates the positive ROI lift generated by OOH in cross-platform campaigns.

Her thoughts can be read here.

She writes:

Agencies, Advertisers and Operators in the USA must take on the challenge to prove that OOH performs well, ensure the best data is available for measurement. We, Posterscope and our competitors, must and collaborate across the table, and invest in the production of different media mixes, weights and regional models to produce more OOH ROI scores.

We often hear that it is difficult to integrate OOH into models.  In fact, I spoke with someone at a major media agency this morning who said exactly that.

Here at the TAB, our expertise includes mix model integration — and we are happy to help you!  If you or any of your clients would like assistance in making sure that OOH is accurately represented in your models, please email us at [email protected]


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