The Super Bowl and OOH
GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday

05. February 2021 Uncategorized 0
The Super Bowl and OOH <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday</span>

The big game is only two days away! Whether you are a Bucs, Chiefs, or just a football fan in general, there is a lot to look forward this year. Although there will be many changes surrounding this year’s event (excluding Tom Brady in another Super Bowl), fans from across the country are preparing to safely watch the game this weekend.


There’s no denying COVID and its associated regulations have changed the atmosphere surrounding the Super Bowl, including advertising around the event, and several perennial advertisers have opted not to run TV advertisements this year. However, fans are still planning to watch the game in the comfort of their own home, as millions do every year. As these fans go about their weekend preparing for Sunday night, OOH is always a great medium for brands to reach their consumer base before, during, and after the game.


With that said, how does the OOH inventory Geopath audits reach these football fans preparing for their own watch parties across the country? According to Geopath Insights the OOH inventory we measure accounts for 20 billion weekly impressions for those that “are very interested in the NFL,” and 15 billion weekly impressions for those that “watch NFL Playoff games.” For those that are picking up fan favorite foods for the game such as chicken wings, this inventory generates 2.1 billion weekly impressions for those that have visited a WingStop in the last 30 days, and 5 billion for those that have purchased food from Buffalo Wild Wings in the same time period.


If wings aren’t your preference, many others opt for another fan favorite, pizza! Statistics show pizza deliveries increase 50% on Superbowl Sundays, and according to Geopath Insights, there are 24 billion weekly impressions for those that have ordered from a pizza restaurant in the lasts 30 days! OOH reaches consumers of popular pizza chains as well, such as Papa Johns and Dominos, with 5.2 billion and 1.6 billion weekly impressions generated from consumers of each chain, respectively.


While Budweiser may not have a Super Bowl commercial spot this year, OOH measured by Geopath still generates over 3.6 billion impressions every week from those that drank their brand in the last 30 days.  Additionally, this inventory also accounts for 18 billion impressions for those that have drank Coca-Cola in the last 7 days, a popular beverage for any TV watch party.


As consumers spend their weekend preparing for their watch parties and celebrations, OOH is always a great medium to engage and reach these audiences, even after the final whistle.


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