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This week, La Colombe, one of the “largest independently-owned coffee companies,” just launched a multi-market advertising campaign.  Featured prominently in their press release is a hand-painted wall executed by Geopath member, Colossal Media.  See the press release here ⇒ La Colombe First Ever OOH

The mural, Geopath location ID 30616546, which resides at the corner of Lafayette St. and Kenmare St. in Downtown Manhattan’s NoLita district, was an excellent choice.  According to data from the Geopath Insights Suite, this ad is an excellent way to reach people who have visited a café or coffee shop in the last 30 days.  It has a 141 index versus the rest of the New York DMA for this target audience.  Additionally, people who have visited a coffee shop in the last 30 days are 21% more likely than the general public to say they notice out of home advertising.

Keep an caffeinated eye out.  More La Colombe digital and out-of-home advertising will be showcased throughout the summer in Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Jacksonville, Tampa, and on their home turf, Philadelphia.


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