Fast Fact – World Water Day 2024

Fast Fact – World Water Day 2024

Water is Earth’s most precious resource, without which most of life on Earth is impossible. Friday March 22nd is World Water Day, which is an international day of observance overseen by UN-Water, a mechanism within the United Nations.

World Water Day is focused on the importance of fresh water, and carries a different theme each year. This year’s theme is “Water For Peace”, with particular emphasis on the roles that water scarcity can play in times of conflict.

For any such initiative, visibility and ubiquity in messaging is key – this is where OOH’s strengths truly shine. Here is an example from 2023’s World Water Day, where Kenyan rapper and humanitarian Octopizzo was featured on a massive DOOH display in Times Square. Last year’s focus was on accelerating change.

The UN has provided many resources for helping to amplify this year’s message as well. On the page for this year’s World Water Day, the UN proposes, “When we cooperate on water, we create a positive ripple effect – fostering harmony, generating prosperity and building resilience to shared challenges.”

With conflicts and disputes occurring around the world, a need as simple and basic as access to fresh water can easily be overlooked on the larger scale. But as the UN asserts, “it is a human right, intrinsic to every aspect of life.” Where we can, let us use the wide-spread reach of the OOH medium to help amplify the message of World Water Day.

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