Fast Fact – Top OOH Spenders of 2023

Fast Fact – Top OOH Spenders of 2023

This week, Geopath released two new OOH spending reports into our geekOUT Library: the top spenders in OOH for Q4 of 2023, and the top

Brian Schopper, Sr. Manager, Member Support

spenders in OOH across all of 2023. These reports leverage Vivvix (formerly known as Kantar) data to provide a synopsis of OOH ad spending across 100+ DMAs nationwide.

Let’s take a look at some interesting insights from the 2023 full year report!

Across the DMAs included in the full-year report, here are some of the top categories who spent on OOH in 2023:

  • Legal Services
  • Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Centers
  • Hotels & Resorts, Domestic
  • Banking (Consumer)
  • Colleges & Universities

It’s not surprising, given OOH’s strengths, that many local/regional brands are represented across the report; this is something you’ll find when reviewing specific DMAs and regions. However, as you dig deeper into the data, there are many national brands/advertisers that can be found across multiple DMAs. Here are just a few of them:

  • McDonald’s: 47 markets
  • T-Mobile: 21 markets
  • Dunkin: 19 markets
  • Cracker Barrel: 18 markets
  • Coca-Cola: 14 markets

When looking through the DMAs featured in reports, you’ll notice a wide variety of categories and brands represented. In certain markets, an interesting occurrence can be observed; there are multiple instances where several advertisers within the same category will end up among the top 10 spenders in that market, clearly implying a competitive spirit among those who advertise in that market!

For example, in the Atlanta DMA, 5 of the top advertisers are law firms, each vying for the attention of consumers in the market over their competitors. A similar occurrence can be seen in the Los Angeles DMA, where 6 of top advertisers are production/media companies, each working to competitively promote their content. Keep an eye out for this behavior as you explore the reports – there may be opportunity here!

Geopath has compiled these reports, and previous OOH spending reports, in our geekOUT Library, available to Geopath members. For more information on these reports, please reach out to us at [email protected]!

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