Geopath Fast Fact – Presidents’ Day

Geopath Fast Fact – Presidents’ Day

This upcoming Monday is Presidents’ Day – but depending on where in the US you celebrate, the name may vary! There are actually quite a few “official” names at the state level. Federally and in some states, it’s “Washington’s Birthday”, some names mention both Lincoln and Washington, and in some places the apostrophe on the end of “Presidents” is moved around (or not used at all!)

Whatever you call it, the third Monday in February is a day designated to celebrate the legacies of the US Presidents. The specific timing for the holiday is used for its proximity to both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s February birthdays.

In that spirit, let’s take a look at some interesting OOH statistics in the great state of Illinois, the “Land of Lincoln”!

At the state level, Geopath measures nearly 68,000 spots, coming from nearly 80 operators. On this inventory, there over 3.2 billion weekly impressions!

Keeping in theme with the upcoming holiday, here are some stats on politically-centered audience targets within the state of Illinois. Of the OOH in the state:

  • 81% of impressions are from Persons 18+
  • 22% of impressions come from those affiliated with the Democrat Party
  • 13% of impressions come from those affiliated with the Republican Party
  • 6% of impressions come from those who identify as Independent
  • 11% of impressions in the state come from those who do not identify with the above political affiliations

Below you’ll find the most recent Market Infographic for the Chicago DMA; there are many more market overviews like this available to Geopath members in the geekOUT Library.

Happy Presidents’ Day/President’s Day/ Presidents Day/Washington’s Birthday/ Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday from all of us at Geopath!

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