Geopath Launches Content Program for OOH Advertising
By Dylan Mabin, President, Geopath

Geopath Launches Content Program for OOH Advertising <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>By Dylan Mabin, President, Geopath</span>

Geopath’s mission is to provide advertisers a transparent and comprehensive view into the industry’s OOH inventory. Our aim is to power best-in-class audience measurement so marketers can optimize OOH campaigns, measure their impact, and take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with consumers while they are out in the world.

To accomplish this critical mission, Geopath must unify its membership. We must bring together all segments of the OOH industry to address increasing fragmentation and collaborate to construct a solid foundation for buyers and sellers. In conversations between Geopath’s leadership, key industry partners, and our strategic consulting firm, PwC, we sought to create a focused vision for Geopath and the industry going forward; a vision centered on leveraging Geopath’s unique position to support the OOH industry with foundational media and audience metrics of exceptional quality.

Geopath’s strategic vision aims to further strengthen this foundation and focuses on three core pillars:

  • Provide comprehensive inventory auditing across all OOH media formats
  • Increase the precision and accuracy of planning and observed audience metrics
  • Facilitate data interoperability across OOH and the larger media ecosystem

No single company can standardize OOH alone. Geopath is the place to come together, define, create, and provide the foundation for efficient advertising, more revenue for publishers, and greater impact for consumers.

I see four key initiatives for the OOH industry. Our efforts going forward will focus on:

  1. Clear and comprehensive definitions and standards
  2. Universal inventory cataloguing of all OOH media formats
  3. Transparent and accurate audience measurement
  4. Enablement of transactional platforms and planning systems

Our rollout of enhanced products and services for our members will focus on transparency, accuracy, and trust. We ask that you continue to visit our blog weekly to stay up to date on our journey. Geopath’s blog will be a source for the OOH Community to learn about our strategic transformation and much more. We will be featuring interviews with OOH leaders and knowledgeable guest contributions with insightful perspectives on advertiser and marketer wants and needs, emerging and changing technology, and advancements in media measurement.

When you visit our blog, you can expect to see:

  • Updates on Geopath’s strategic initiatives, audience forecasting, and platform enhancements
  • Deep dives into the industry’s future
  • Advice on how to overcome pressing challenges
  • Roundups on best practices
  • Discussions of industry standards and best practices
  • Interviews with OOH luminaries

We hope you will return weekly to join us on the path to a more standardized, efficient, and impactful OOH ecosystem. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates directly to your inbox.