Digital Brands and OOH – A Perfect Compliment
geekOUT Fast Facts Friday

07. February 2020 Marketing 0
Digital Brands and OOH – A Perfect Compliment <br/> <span style='color:#000000;font-size: 18px;'>geekOUT Fast Facts Friday</span>

Whether you’re visiting the site to watch a new video from your favorite artist, learn a new skill, or to just pass the time, chances are we have all visited YouTube at least once recently.


While many use YouTube purely for entertainment, it has evolved into an educational resource for people wanting to learn or teach themselves new things as well.


In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research center, more than half of YouTube visitors use the site to “figure out things they haven’t done before.” To emphasize this shift in content and continue to support its development, in 2018, YouTube invested $20 Million in creators who are making educational videos on its platform.


To help spread awareness of its on educational content, YouTube has been investing in advertising highlighting the educational side of the platform. Check out the billboard below that went viral on Twitter, generating over 81K retweets and almost 440k likes to date!



This is just one example of how OOH can add additional value to any campaign, as people love to share the medium’s messages and beautiful creative across their social channels.


The idea that a major digital brand such as YouTube is opting for traditional advertising formats such as OOH may seem surprising. However, we in the OOH industry know this is always a smart move, especially for a digital brand such as YouTube to reach their consumer base. Other digital companies, such as Facebook and Google (Youtube’s parent company), have also bought into OOH, with both brands placing themselves among the top OOH advertisers (Source: OAAA).


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