Results of the 2016 Geopath Benchmarking Study


In June of 2015, right after I joined TAB, I launched a survey among our members.  The purpose of this survey was to identify the perceptions the industry held of our organization, what they wanted improved, and how we could better help their businesses.  More than 230 members participated.

The results of that survey, helped us understand our members’ vision of an “ideal TAB.”  Over the last year, the TAB team worked night and day to bring that vision to life.  Additionally, we used the results of the 2015 survey as the foundation of our Geopath rebrand.

In June of 2016, we launched the survey again.  Once more, we had over 230 members take the survey – and the results are undeniable.  Our efforts truly moved the needle.

We will continue to work hard for you, your business, and the out of home industry.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for your time and for helping make our company, under our new Geopath name, the best it can be.

Please enjoy this two-minute video that features the results of our survey.

We are going to really work on improving our “fun” score for 2017!  Look out!