Honoring an OOH Influencer: A Tribute to Pam Richards

Honoring an OOH Influencer: A Tribute to Pam Richards
Honoring an OOH Influencer: A Tribute to Pam Richards Senior Vice President of Sales, Clear Channel Airports   We wish to honor Pam Richards’ memory by underlining the wonderful individual that she was. As the SVP of Sales at Clear Channel Airports, Pam was viewed as an influencer within out of home and a propeller ...

The BIG Picture & BIGger Changes at TAB

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For the first time in fifteen years, the entire TAB team was invited to join the audience of OOH advertising professionals for the joint TAB/OAAA Out of Home Media Conference & Expo. This year’s theme was “The BIG Picture.” President Kym Frank announced major changes taking place at TAB and discussed a series of events ...

Member Feature: Colossal Media

28. March 2016 Member Feature 0
Member Feature: Colossal Media
Kelly Peppers, Managing Director @colossalmedia   Out of home is constantly evolving and one of the concerns of many industry leaders, is whether the industry is moving fast enough to meet consumers. We here at TAB caught up with Kelly Peppers, Managing Director at Colossal Media to offer her take on the burgeoning industry and ...

The BIG Picture Sponsorship Opportunities

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“What can I help you with?” – Siri, aka Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri on the iPhone, is booked to help us handle speaker introductions and make conference announcements throughout The BIG Picture general sessions. That’s right, original Siri will be ‘in the house.’ And that’s not all … For 2016, TAB/OAAA introduces ...

Integration into models – The TAB is here to help!

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Claire-Marie Panno of Posterscope penned an opinion piece on LinkedIn, highlighting a recent study conducted by BrandScience.  This study demonstrates the positive ROI lift generated by OOH in cross-platform campaigns. Her thoughts can be read here. She writes: Agencies, Advertisers and Operators in the USA must take on the challenge to prove that OOH performs ...

VAI: What Every Medium Wants and What OOH Already Has

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VAI: What Every Medium Wants and What OOH Already Has
VAI in Out of Home definitely belongs at the cool kids table. It is our differentiator in media measurement and is worthy of special attention. VAI stands for Visibility Audience Impact and was first released by the Traffic Audit Bureau six years ago. It is defined as the percentage of passers-by who notice the ad ...

TAB/OAAA’s The BIG Picture Conference – Highlights

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TAB/OAAA’s The BIG Picture Conference – Highlights
Are you ready to take in The BIG Pic­ture? No, we’re not talking about the latest Hollywood blockbuster. We are talking about the 2016 TAB/OAAA Out of Home Media Conference & Expo hosted April 18-20 at the legendary Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, FL. This year’s theme, “The BIG Picture,” is an ...

LinkNYC is the Future of Public Wi-Fi

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by Nick Guercio & Nickelina Noel If you haven’t heard about LinkNYC, then you need to check out the free, high speed Wi-Fi network set to launch at least 7,500 Link kiosks across NYC. The program, funded through advertising, contributes to digital OOH advertising by providing a well-positioned and innovative platform. We took a trip ...

TAB – Moving to Monthly Updates!

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2016 Metrics Released. Move to Monthly Updates Begins! TAB is happy to announce that the 2016 audience ratings have been released. We are also pleased to announce that starting now the TAB will release updates monthly instead of quarterly.  1. New Release: All ratings and impressions have been updated to reflect 2016 estimates. Any agreements made using the 2015 ratings still ...